Goodbye Busy, Hello Happy, the new book from Women Changing the World Press is the book the world needs right now.


Do you have a story about how you changed your life from busy to happy? Or are you an expert in the productivity, wellness or wellbeing industries?

We're searching for women to join us in collaborating with us on this new book.

This is an unique opportunity to be featured in a beautiful book for women wanting to let go of stress, anxiety and struggle and instead embrace freedom, inspiration and joy. Featuring inspirational stories from real women who've recovered from burn out combined with professional advice from wellness and productivity experts this unique book will be a guiding light for those finding their way back from overworking to working in flow and anyone wanting to live a life filled with more joy.

The pandemic has increased the pressure and level of responsibility for many women, especially working mothers, who are at their breaking point when it comes to balancing home life and work life. Studies have shown that 65% of working women believe the pandemic has made things worse and more than half said they feel burned out at least some of the time.

With a foreword by Dr Kristy Goodwin, Australia's leading digital wellbeing and neuro-productivity expert, this book aims to address these issues and guide you to discover the life-changing magic of saying goodbye busy and hello happy.


Life today is busier than it ever has been before, pings and notifications distract us every moment. Work doesn't finish at 5pm. Emails, social media and text messages happen around the clock.

Somehow we've become more technologically advanced with automations to help us save time in every area of life yet instead of giving us back our time our days seem to be busier and busier.

This book is designed to help you break the cycle of busy and fall back in love with the joy of finding time for yourself instead.

We're searching for uplifting and inspiring stories that will warm our hearts, and inspire us to remember our dreams and the vision for our life we once had. We want to know that despite the challenges, there is always a chance to change your life and find more room for joy.

We're hoping to be guided by people who know how to navigate the way, leaders in the field as industry experts together with those who have lived experience of saying goodbye busy and hello happy.

Become a published author

Becoming a published author increases your credibility and influence and can really open the door to new opportunities for you and your business.

This book will contain tips and advice from Australia’s leading women in business on how to create a successful and enjoyable life.

Professional editing, proofreading, interior formatting, beautiful cover design and quality printing is all taken care of and our publishing team are even able to provide ghost writers for you if you need help!

This is a collaborative project where we all contribute to help cover the printing, editing, publishing, coordination and promotion costs.

The book will launch in September 2022

Places are limited please apply for more information.

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