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Learn from incredible female leaders from around the world

This tour includes workshops with special guest speakers, networking events and female founder dinners to connect you with global connections.


Open the door to new opportunities for your business

This unique tour will help you bring your dream to life. You'll have the opportunity to begin building new networks and exploring exciting new opportunitities for your business.


New York City



For Founders, Investors, Educators and Leaders  

The Female Leaders Trade Mission to New York has been specially created for women with global ambitions.  

This event will offer participants an opportunity to connect with female founders, investors and business leaders. This unique international tour offers the opportunity to create global networks, leverage PR, discover new business opportunities, expand to new markets and raise your personal profile. 

You'll attend networking events, meet with founders and have the opportunity to explore New York City with free time for holding business meetings.

Accelerate your business, build your profile, go global, scale up, discover new opportunities and live the life you've been dreaming of!

Expressions of Interest

As a part of this trade mission you will:

  • Develop new networks 
  • Collaborate with international female founders 
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Create powerful connections
  • Attend exciting international events


On this trade mission learn how to:

  • Scale your business globally
  • Expand to new markets 
  • Accelerate your growth  
  • Build a world-class company
  • Create international partnerships and networks  

"International travel has been a game changer for our business. The opportunities, connections and new perspectives gained from visiting new shores have been instrumental in getting our business where it is today. Each experience has taught us new things, enabled us to come up with creative ideas and been a big part of the direction we have taken in our business. The benefits have been everything from identifying upcoming trends to getting greater clarity on our personal mission and closer to our dreams for our life. We've met incredible people and been awakened to a host of new ideas and opportunities for growth ." Peace Mitchell


New York City Itinerary

Accelerate your business, build your profile, go global, scale up, discover new opportunities and live the life you've been dreaming of!


Day 1 - Welcome Dinner

Arrive in New York City, transfer to accommodation , free time to refresh and recover. afternoon networking session and welcome dinner to meet your fellow founders!


Day 2 - Experience New York City

Walk the High Line, visit the MET, stroll through Central Park! A free day for meetings or to explore the city.

Then join us for a Broadway Show in the evening!


Day 3 - Workshop with Special Guest and Networking

Workshop Day with Special Guest Entrepreneur and Female Founder Networking Event.


Day 4 - Founders Lunch & VIP Dinner

Female founder lunch

Dinner Reception


Day 5 - WCW Global Summit

This EVENT will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions & engaging workshops, as well as time for networking. From advocates advancing human rights to entrepreneurs driving industry change, this event will connect you with a room of diverse female leaders who are all united by their passion and commitment to creating a meaningful difference in the world.
Experience Participants will each have the opportunity to speak at this event.
We believe that when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens. The summit is a space where you can connect with the collective wisdom of women who are game changers in their respective fields.
This is a day to open up your perspective and to discuss solutions that bridge across disciplines and industries. You'll leave feeling energised and inspired, with new tools to bolster your fight for real change.


Day 6 - Goodbyes

Farewell Breakfast and travel home

“The FF Trade Mission was transformational for my businesses. First and foremost were the connections made of which one was with Mariana Santos based on the work she is doing to empower girls and women. This sits well with my Coaching business and overall vision to empower others. We are currently in talks for me to be an ambassador Chicas Poderosas in Australia.  
Attending the websummit in Lisbon was monumental as I start to develop my tech products and create a start up company, hearing the women at the Australian Ambassador evening was a much needed boost to consider doing business in Lisbon especially as I am still part of the European Union being a British Citizen.  
Attending the Women In Tech event in Lisbon was mind shifting as it reminded me to be visible as a Woman of Colour in Engineering/Technology. I have aspirations to further my work in championing girls in STEM and Women in Tech in Africa as well as closer to home in Australia and London.” Yemi Penn

Why attend the Female Founders Trade Mission to New York City?

Attending the Female Founders Trade Mission to New York City offers a unique opportunity to access new markets, build a powerful network, gather market insights, foster collaborations, acquire knowledge, and enhance your brand's reputation. Don't miss out on the chance to accelerate your business growth and achieve new heights of success in the dynamic business landscape of New York City.


Access to new markets:

The Female Founders Trade Mission to New York City offers an exceptional opportunity to expand your business into one of the world's most vibrant and influential markets. By participating in this mission, you can gain valuable insights into the New York business ecosystem, understand local consumer preferences, and establish connections with potential customers and partners in the city.


Networking opportunities:

Attending the Female Founders Trade Mission allows you to connect with a diverse and inspiring community of female entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. This mission brings together like-minded individuals who share your ambition and drive, creating a supportive network that can offer valuable advice, collaboration opportunities, and potential partnerships to propel your business forward.


Market research and intelligence:

New York City is known for its dynamic and constantly evolving market. By joining the trade mission, you can benefit from access to market research and intelligence specific to the city. Engaging with local government officials, industry associations, and experts will provide you with valuable insights into consumer behavior, regulatory frameworks, and emerging market trends, enabling you to make informed decisions for your business.


Business partnerships and collaborations:

The Female Founders Trade Mission serves as a platform to showcase your business to a diverse audience of potential partners and investors. This exposure can lead to valuable business partnerships, collaborations, or distribution agreements with local companies or fellow mission participants. Collaborating with established businesses or innovative startups in New York City can significantly expand your market reach and accelerate your growth.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Learning and knowledge sharing: The trade mission offers a range of learning opportunities, including seminars, workshops, and panel discussions led by industry experts and successful female entrepreneurs. These sessions provide invaluable insights and practical knowledge that can help you refine your business strategies, gain a competitive edge, and navigate the New York City business landscape more effectively.


Brand exposure and reputation building:

By participating in the Female Founders Trade Mission, you can elevate your business's profile and increase its visibility. Engaging with local media, presenting at events, and being featured in trade publications can enhance brand exposure, establish credibility, and attract potential customers, investors, and partners in one of the world's most influential business hubs.

Female Founders Trade Mission to New York

The 6-day trade mission will be led by Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner, founders of The Women's Business School.
 This event will offer participants an unique opportunity to connect with female founders, investors and women from New York City.

This mission is open to female founders who are looking to connect with and learn from other female leaders from New York, and who want to understand the American market and build long-range international networks. There are a maximum of 25 places available on the mission, and we anticipate they will fill fast. If you are considering the mission we encourage you to register quickly.

Who is this mission for:

  • Female founders who are looking to expand their business networks and explore opportunities in New York City.  
  • Women who are seeking a focused founder experience and are dedicated to growing their businesses 
  • Women looking to grow their international profile and network with other international business women.
  • Entrepreneurs who are comfortable with taking the lead in arranging their own meetings and leveraging opportunities independently.
  • Founders who have a high level of independence and are capable of conducting their own research and preparation for business opportunities.


MISSION EXCLUSIONS Participants must arrange and pay for their own return international flights, and make their own way to meet us to be ready to commence the mission. Participants must also cover any other personal costs or out-of-pocket expenses including all other meals, incidentals, taxi or uber fares, visas, passports, travel insurance, equipment, and all other personal expenditure. Passports, travel insurance and visas are your own responsibility.

FLIGHTS All participants are to arrange and pay for their own return flights, visas and insurance.

Female Founder

  • 5 Nights Accomodation in a private room in Times Square
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Broadway Show
  • Networking Events
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Go Global Workshop


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  • 5 Nights Accommodation in share room in Times Square
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Broadway Show
  • Networking Events
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Go Global Workshop



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